Male Portrait session with Simon

We first met Simon last year when he started the search for a Brisbane photographer for a boudoir session for his lovely wife Naomi. Simon came in with Naomi and he was so impressed with the session and the final results that he decided to come in this year for his own session. He needed some new corporate headshots but also decided to add some portraits and a few sexy but private “dudeoir” images just for Naomi.

A lot of our work is never made public. Only a small portion of our work makes it’s way to our website or Facebook page due to the private nature of the images, so clients can be confident that if they wish their images to remain completely private, that is exactly what will happen. Our client’s privacy is our main concern. We only ever use images with written permission from our client.

If you are after a Brisbane photographer for the very best photographs of you, then give us a call and we can chat about what you would like to achieve from your session.

Here is a peak at Naomi’s boudoir session with us.

You can call Karen on 0402 230 669 or you can see this link for further information on your custom designed male portrait session.

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Actors headshots for Lanny.


Lanny came to us this week for her actors headshots. She completed her acting training a few years ago and put it aside for full time employment but has decided it is time to give it a go, so headshots were her first port of call. Lanny was amazing to photograph and so incredibly easy. We absolutely loved photographing her and we decided to throw in a vintage portrait look just for fun as we could not resist her face.

There is one thing that Dean repeats over and over, and that is that he loves photographing faces. He finds faces to be incredibly interesting. Whether it is an innocent 6year old face or an 80 year old face with an amazing story to tell, he loves photographing faces.

We offer a professional hair and makeup session for the ladies or you can choose to do your own hair and makeup and come along ready to shoot. For the best results we do recommend you use our professional service unless you are very good at doing your own makeup.

You will find information on an actors or corporate headshot session with us on this link or you can call Karen on 0402 230 669.


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Actors head shots for Jessica.


Jessica came to us today for updated actors head shots. She is also training for stunt work so we will see her again in the future for stunt images which will be a lot of fun. Jessica was the first client to be photographed on our new Sony A7Rii mirrorless camera and we are very happy with the results.

If you would like further information on a head shot session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or you can contact us on this link.

You can find further information and pricing on women’s headshots on this link.


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Performers and actors headshots.

Recently we had the chance to shoot actors headshots for  three wonderful and talented artists/performers.

Tammy Zarb is a local aerial artist/instructor and choreographer. We have photographed Tammy before and every time we are stuck by her natural beauty and amazing smile.



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Music photography for R&B artist, Ngara Timoti


We love producing music photography images and it was very exciting to see Ngara Timoti this week for his new promotional images. Ngara is a local R&B artist and with his amazing sweet voice and gentle unassuming personality, he is sure to be a success. We had a lot of fun photographing Ngara and wish him the very best in his singing career.

If you would like information on a session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or you can email on this link.

Here is a link to our actors/performers gallery.

Here is a link to our men’s portraiture gallery.


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JTR – X Factor finalists

JTR 010

JTR 012

This week we had the privilege of photographing JTR from the X Factor 2013. We had so much fun during this session. John, Tom & Robin were great to shoot and are amazing young guys.

They are about to release a new single so we wish them all the best with the release and for their future career.

If you would like information or to book a session please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on this link

JTR 011

JTR 009

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Actors headshots for Savanna Crasto

actors-portraits 002

Savanna’s dream is to become an actor so her mum bought her to us for her first actors headshot session. Savanna is still in high school but these headshots will give her the ability to approach a few good agencies to gain representation.

Your headshots should represent you and we believe they should be natural with minimal retouching. We will fix up skin blemishes and under eye bags or shadows. Basically we fix anything that is not a permanent feature. When you walk into a casting you want the casting director to recognise you from your photograph. You will start off on the wrong foot if they think the photo does not represent you at all, or if the photo is too old. It is a good idea to update your headshots every 2 years to keep them current especially if you are changing your hairstyle or have added tattoos or varied your weight.

We think the best headshots are simple and natural, keeping the focus on you and not a busy background or busy clothing. We believe your eyes tell a story and they are the most important part of our headshot image.

If you would like information on having us produce your headshots please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

actors-portraits 005

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Actors headshots for Taylor Glockner (Mason Turner in Neighbours)

Taylor Glockner Actors Folio 010

Taylor Glockner Actors Folio 001

These actors headshots were for  Taylor Glockner who plays Mason Turner in Neighbours. Taylor’s home town is Brisbane and he came to us whilst on a break for some new actors headshots as he is off to the USA shortly to further his acting career.

Lets hope that we see him on the big screen very soon.

We can produce your actors headshots, corporate headshots, or personal headshots to update your social media sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, to upload for Ecaster or Starnow, or for your website and business cards. We know the right angles and poses to get the very best results for you and can compliment your shape with the use of lighting and posing. We have a professional hair and makeup service available for the ladies and will help you with your posing and styling.

Your edited images are provided in both colour and black & white within 2 days of your session and we will take 50 – 100 images for you to choose the very best from for final editing and processing.

If you would like an actors folio you can find more information on this link or contact Karen on 0402 230669

Taylor Glockner Actors Folio 002

Taylor Glockner Actors Folio 003

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Actors headshots photography session for Amie

amie actors headshots folio photography brisbane gold coast 007

Actors headshots for Amie

Amie came to us today for some fresh and natural actors headshots. While she was with us we decided to also have a bit of fun with some artistic images, so we grabbed some fabric, tule and feathers, and threw a few different looks together. As usual, Amie looked fantastic and we achieved exactly what we wanted for the image. The lighting was non existent in our daylight studio today due to a pretty solid cloud cover and rain, so we used a strobe with scrim and recreated natural light in an artificial way. Flash to the rescue!

For actors headshots we prefer to keep the clothing choice quite neutral so that the focus is on the actor’s face. We rather not have busy clothing or accessories take attention from the subject. Stick to plain colours if possible. Black and white will often work and there is nothing wrong with keeping it simple.

You can see our actors and performers gallery on this link.

We hope that you enjoy the images. For information on actors headshots please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

amie actors headshots folio photography brisbane gold coast 006amie actors headshots folio photography brisbane gold coast 008

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Actors headshots

actors-headshots 001

Fantastic headshots for men and women . .

Give your actors headshots that edge with a photography session from us. We shoot both natural light (ideal for the ladies), and flash, and have a massive range of background options to get the right “feel” for you. We can also mix lighting styles and shoot a few personal images “just for you” while you are here. Final images are all retouched and provided as high res on DVD in both colour and black & white. Prints are available if required.

Actors images are only lightly edited as that needs to be kept as close to the natural you, as possible. We will remove non permanent inperfections such as pimples/blemishes and we will correct under eye shadows caused by lighting.

We will give you complete guidance with your posing to get the very best possible angles and to have natural relaxed final images. You are welcome to bring 2 – 4 changes of outfit in and we will help you with your styling and posing for the very best results.

Here is a range of photos from our actors headshots folio.

You can find our actors headshots photography gallery here

If you would like further information on an actors headshot photography session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email


headshots 002

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Promotional photography for Rave Radio

promotional photography

This year we were given the opportunity once again to shoot the promotional photography for the very talented James & Brett from Rave Radio on the Gold Coast. Last year we got some great images from the boys and this year was no exception. James bought his usual high energy into the session and we had a lot of fun.

Their images are used on their promotional posters, website and social media.

Here is a link to our actors and performers gallery.

If you would like information on a session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

promotional photography

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Corporate headshots

corporate-headshots 001

Here is a range of photos from our corporate headshots folio

If you would like further information on a headshot photography session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email

Dean Agar Photography is a photographic studio, run by renowned photography team, Dean & Karen Agar and shooting glamour, artistic nude, fashion, boudoir, pinup, couples, fantasy, pregnancy and portraiture.

Clients from all over Australia, and as far away as Brunei, come to our beautiful home studio for our exquisite photography and the pampered experience of shooting with us. Our daylight studio, artistic studio, boudoir room, fashion studio and our tropical garden and pool means we have an elaborate range of sets, props and lighting styles for your special session.

If you wish, we can visit your home, or venue of your choosing for your shoot.

You can find our corporate headshots photography gallery here

corporate-headshots 002

corporate-headshots 003

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