Dean  and I have been photographing people for 9 years and we absolutely love what we do Olympus software. We feel that we are so lucky to have found each other, and this path in our lives. The best part for us is creating a beautiful image for somebody that we know will be treasured and loved for years and years to come video to your phone. To change the way a woman sees herself and give her self esteem a boost, to capture the love and intimacy between a couple, or to photograph beautiful pregnancy images or magical newborn images crownix report. This is what we love to do, along with our beautiful girl “Sammie” who will keep us company during your session.

Clients from all over Australia, and as far away as Brunei, come to our beautiful home studio for our exquisite photography and the pampered experience of shooting with us. Our studio is private and comfortable and conveniently located in Bulimba only a block from Oxford Street and a few blocks from the river 대장금 무료 다운로드.


Our styles of sessions include glamour, artistic nude, fashion, boudoir, pinup, couples, fantasy, family, pregnancy, commercial and portraiture Mu Origin download. We photograph women, men, couples, family & children.

Karen Agar 

dean1With a lifetime in design, art and photography, there are few people as passionate and as experienced in creating powerful, emotive images as Dean 영화 천화 다운로드.

Born in England, Dean was 10 when he began looking to the numerous artists in the family, his career inspiration, and so followed a 30 year journey to today, through 4 years of art training, and then 4 years of design, photography & film study playground 다운로드.

After graduating, and despite a lifetime love of photography that almost caught Dean in 1991, design and advertising took Dean for the first 17 years of his career, working on ad campaigns and design for companies such as Nestle, Tenneco Automotive, and the Queensland Government Geometry Dash 2.0.

After travelling the world, Dean decided to make beautiful Queensland his home over a decade ago, where he met Sydney born Karen Hill. Changes were about to happen in every way Master of Life.

The desire to make a mark in photography never went away and by 2006, “something simply had to be done about it, and Karen was that something.”

In 2009, Dean Agar Photography began and very soon the dream of creating beautiful people photography was a reality, and the journey to be one of the leading studios in Queensland and Australia was underway 오피넷 다운로드.

“This isn’t a real job, it’s what I’d do if I had the choice to do anything with my life. I’m very fortunate to be able to share that choice with our clients, past, present and future.” Dean

karenLike soul-mates on opposite sides of the world, Karen seemed to be in ‘training’ for our photography business for over 20 years before we met.

With a career as a seamstress and in design, and having a professional dancer in her daughter Angela, it was fate that Karen and I would come together at some point, when we were both ready to apply what we knew to make people so happy.

Karen designed and made Angela’s stage costumes and was wardrobe mistress for Byron School of Dance for 15 yrs, so it’s no wonder that she has a love for beautiful costuming, set design and for bringing out the inner beauty in every woman. Being a confident woman herself, Karen has a desire to help other women realise their true beauty and gain that confidence that beautiful images can give.

Imagery that lasts a lifetime and that can be looked back upon in years to come or be passed onto generations, bringing happiness for many years.

“Every woman deserves to be the centre of attention, even if it’s just for one day with us, and to remember the experience for the rest of their lives.”

Phone: Karen · 0402 230669 · Studio 6/48 Stuart Street, Bulimba, QLD.

Email: Karen karen@deanagar.com.au · Dean dean@deanagar.com.au