12 awesome boudoir ideas to hide a “mummy tummy” for hot results!

Here are 12 awesome boudoir ideas to hide a “mummy tummy” and give you photos that are hot, hot, hot. Most of us mums have been there. After having a few children we have been left with a tummy that is not exactly the way it was “back in the day” so to speak. We end up carrying the wear and tear that motherhood brings and really – who want’s to even think about surgery to fix that problem? There are far more important things to worry about and find money for in life. But never fear, we can still give you awesome photographs that will make you forget what time and children have done to you, and, we can help you get that long forgotten confidence back. But, most importantly, we can make you smile and love yourself again.

Clearly, wearing a baby doll or corset would solve the problem but some women would like to try some nude or implied nude in their session and would also like to use a nice two piece lingerie set, so we have developed some great poses to suit. We can remove some damage in post production but most of it we will pose and light for the best results.

Our missing in life is to make as many women smile when they see their photographs as we possibly can and we hope that we can do that for you too. Below we have put together a list of boudoir and nudoir poses and outfits that are sexy but still elegant and will hide that ‘mummy tummy’, giving you photographs that you will absolutely love and, so will your husband/partner.


  1. The white sheet is fantastic for hiding problem areas whilst still looking sultry and alluring. We can cover as little or as much as we need and use light to blow out other detail if we choose to. If there are a few stray stretch marks still showing they can be removed in photoshop.

sexy boudoir ideas 1

2. Using the men’s white business shirt which can be opened or closed as much as is needed to hide marks if wanted. It is always a sexy option.

sexy boudoir ideas 2

3. A loose jumper is fantastic but still sexy and can hide any problem areas. Even if you have nothing to hide, the jumper is a great sexy option.

sexy boudoir ideas 3

4. Laying on your tummy. This pose is great with a white pair of lacy knickers but it also looks fantastic without underwear and we see a lovely glow over the bottom. It is a fun, easy pose and the focus is on your beautiful face.


5. A nice stretched layout over the edge of the bed. Once again using the light to glow up the tummy and the right angle and we see very little of the tummy itself and any sneaky marks around the sides can be edited out. This pose is also great to show off your favourite heels and if you don’t have any, we have some here for your use.

sexy boudoir ideas 5

6. This pose is very sultry and with the right use of light, we do not even see past the breast area. This girl is naked but you cannot see a thing. Our focus is on the lashes and sexy red lips. No tummy worries with this shot at all.

sexy boudoir ideas 6

7. This would be our most requested boudoir pose as it works with all ages and all sizes. As you can see, using the light and the right angle we see very little of the tummy and once again our focus is on your beautiful face.

sexy boudoir ideas 7

8. The image below is surprisingly flattering to a lot of women and you do not have to be stick thin to pull this one off. It is also a good pose for a “mummy tummy as the light blows out the top of the tummy and if there are a few stretch marks that are seen on the side we can usually edit those out in photoshop. This pose is suitable for up to a size 14 and it also looks pretty awesome in lingerie if you do not feel comfortable going naked. It is one of our most requested implied nude poses.

sexy boudoir ideas 8

9. This is another nude pose which is great for “mummy tummy” as we just don’t see it. In fact, we do not see anything as the arm covers all parts.

sexy boudoir ideas 9

10. This is another nudoir pose that works very well to hide pretty much everything but it can still be elegant or sexy depending upon whether you are looking away or to the camera. It can be photographed dark or light as the samples show.

sexy boudoir ideas 10

11. The saying goes – If you’ve got it, flaunt it! So, if you have great breasts, then a popular shot is to show them off, either standing or laying down. You just need a well fitting, sexy bra and some pearls can add some extra elegance.

sexy boudoir ideas 11

12. A very obvious one is a body suit or a baby doll and you can get some stunning pieces in different designs and colours.

sexy boudoir ideas 13

I hope this helps you to see that age or motherhood should not stop you from having beautiful photos of yourself. You have been putting the family first for a very long time. You have lost your confidence and you may no longer feel sexy or beautiful. I hope that the outfit and posing ideas above will show you that a boudoir or nudoir shoot would be a positive experience for you and if you include some nudoir, then you will not even have to spend a fortune on lingerie.

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