Couples boudoir session with Irma & Andrew

Irma and Andrew came to us to celebrate a year of being in love with a couples boudoir photography session. If there is one thing that we have learned by photographing hundreds of amazing couples it is this – there is no age limit to finding your soulmate. Irma (57) and Andrew (60) are both second time rounders and were clearly so very much in love and ‘in passion’. We had a wonderful time photographing them and giving them images that they will treasure for a very long time together.

couples boudoir 1

If you would like more information on a couples boudoir photography session with us you can call Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on

You can also find a link to download our free booket on “Planning your perfect couples photography session” on this link which is packed with helpful information including what to wear, how to prepare, do’s and don’ts plus lots of hints and tips plus pricing.

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What to wear for your perfect Boudoir Photography session

 This handy guide will help you with outfit ideas for your perfect boudoir photography session.

The beautiful thing about boudoir is that there is no proper outfit to wear as anything goes. There is no perfect image, no perfect body type, no perfect age. With the right posing and lighting, anybody can look beautiful in a boudoir session. You can wear anything from sexy lingerie or your guy’s favourite t shirt to a simple white sheet. This guide will give you some inspiration and I hope it will put some concerns to bed for you.

If you have any questions at all, I am a phone call away on 0402 230 669 or email me at

Two piece lingerie 

A two piece set is probably the staple of boudoir but by no means the only option. Some sets can be very expensive but you can get some really nice lingerie from KMart & similar stores. It is great to treat yourself to expensive lingerie but if you have a limited budget just stick to the basic black, white or cream and find something that is soft, feminine and lacy. You can’t go wrong with that. Don’t worry if you cant afford a suspender belt or stockings as we have white and black belts and a range of stockings for your use.

We prefer underwear with a nice lacy side as g-strings tend to look quite hard at the sides. A nice brazilian cut is perfect if you can find that. Some ladies come in to us with 6 or more sets of lingerie which is really not needed. 2 sets are just fine if that is all that your budget can stretch to.

  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 009
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 007
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 002
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 014
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 005
  • chlo-boudoir-portrait-photography-bulimba-brisbane 003
  • chlo-boudoir-portrait-photography-bulimba-brisbane 004
  • noela-boudoir-portrait-photography 008
  • glamour-photography-amanda4
  • Lesley-glamour-portrait-boudoir-photography 012
  • boudoir-photoshoot-helen 008
  • boudoir-photoshoot-helen 007
  • glamoursession 006
  • glamour photography brisbane gold coast
  • glamour photography brisbane gold coast
  • boudoir photography brisbane gold coast
  • boudoir photography brisbane gold coast
  • Dean Agar - Glamour / portrait Photographer - Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • model portfolio photography brisbane and gold coast
  • Boudoir/portrait photography - Gold Coast Brisbane
  • Boudoir/portrait photography - Gold Coast Brisbane
  • Boudoir/portrait photography - Gold Coast Brisbane
  • Glamour photography
  • Natalia 06

One piece teddy or corset

A nice lace teddy or bodysuit is perfect, especially if you need to cover stretch marks or if you are self conscious about your tummy. They are sexy and elegant and flattering to all body types.

There are so many different designs, colours and fabrics to choose from but once again, if you are unsure on colours, stick to the basic black, white or cream. They will always work and they will be easier to team up with our sets and props.

Corsets do seem to come and go. Sometimes in style and sometimes not but never the less, they do look amazing in photographs. They are extremely flattering on all body types and can give off a particular sex appeal that can add mood to your image. We have a few boned, satin corsets in different colours to fit sizes 8 – 14 in the studio or bring your own in. 

  • Lesley-glamour-portrait-boudoir-photography 018
  • tanya-boudoir-photography-bulimba-brisbane 004
  • jasmine-boudoir-photoshoot 002
  • noela-boudoir-portrait-photography 003
  • 004 alt 2low
  • Lesley-glamour-portrait-boudoir-photography 016
  • 0078
  • tanya-boudoir-photography-bulimba-brisbane 006
  • 003 Saow-boudoir-brisbane-goldcoast
  • pre-bridal-boudoir-photography-004
  • Lesley-glamour-portrait-boudoir-photography 017
  • glamour photography brisbane gold coast
  • boudoir photography brisbane gold coast
  • 013 alt 1
  • boudoir photography brisbane gold coast
  • boudoir photography brisbane gold coast
  • Dean Agar - Glamour / portrait Photographer - Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Garter belt, stockings & heels

Most women have no idea how to put the garter and stockings on but never fear, I have become expert at it. Garter belts are great if you have a problem area on the tummy to hide and teamed with stockings they look fantastic and sexy. Just make sure that your stockings are the right size and not too tight.

We have a black and a white garter belt that you are welcome to use as well as a range of stockings if you do not have any of your own. Stockings and garter belts are also great to use in the image as a focus such as pulling them on or attaching the stocking to your garter. 

  • noela-boudoir-portrait-photography 005
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 009
  • Lesley-glamour-portrait-boudoir-photography 017
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 006
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 005
  • 0078
  • boudoir-photography-naomi2
  • pre-bridal-boudoir-photography-010
  • pre-bridal-boudoir-photography-008
  • boudoir-photoshoot-helen 008
  • glamour photography brisbane gold coast
  • glamour photography brisbane gold coast
  • Pre Bridal photography - Brisbane and Gold Coast

Lace, feathers or fur

Robes are fantastic to wear either over the top of your lingerie or by themselves with nothing underneath. They are soft and feminine but can also be sexy and seductive. Bring your own favourite robe or use ours. We have a black, white and pink lace robe for your use.

Little tops are great to team with knickers and stockings for a sexy but slightly more covered look.

If you love the “Movie Starlet” look, why not go old style with a feather boa or fur stole. We have feather boas available in white, red & black plus a fur stole, or bring your own. 

Fur Jackets also look awesome with lingerie underneath or be brave and go nude with your favourite heels.

  • boudoir-portrait-photography-bulimba-brisbane 006
  • Jamie-Lee-art-nude-photography-bulimba-brisbane 011
  • glamour photography brisbane gold coast
  • jenny-back-artistic-city-lights-photography 007
  • noela-boudoir-portrait-photography 002
  • pre-bridal-boudoir-photography-004
  • Dean Agar - Fashion Photographer - Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • Boudoir/portrait photography - Gold Coast Brisbane
  • Boudoir/portrait photography - Gold Coast Brisbane
  • Boudoir/Vintage photography - Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • Portrait/glamour photography - Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Men’s oversize shirt

Mens business shirts are very popular and make great boudoir outfits. It is one of our favourites and is so versatile. Wear it with lingerie underneath, or just a sexy pair of lacy knickers, or completely naked.

The shirt can cover as much or as little as you like. Bring in ‘his’ favourite shirt or use ours, the choice is yours. We have a white business shirt in small, medium and large.

  • boudoir-photography-naomi7
  • 005 alt 3
  • 007 alt 1low
  • Portrait/glamour photography - Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • boudoir-photography-with-gemma-white 008
  • boudoir-photoshoot-helen 001
  • boudoir-photography-with-gemma-white 006
  • Portrait/glamour photography - Brisbane and the Gold Coast

Oversized jumper

The oversized jumper would be one of our most popular outfit choices. They are perfect for boudoir, especially for those who are a little shy and want to be sexy without showing too much skin.

We have three jumpers here for your use. We have the cream cable knit jumper, grey button front and the white plain jumper (all pictured on this page). They will fit sizes 8 – 14. If you are over a size 14 you would need to bring in your own jumper.

Be sure to bring a matching pair of knickers also and preferably with a nice lace side. We do have lace knickers available in white and black but it is a good idea to bring your own if you have them.

  • portrait-session-monique-torres 010
  • glamour photography brisbane gold coast
  • portrait-session-monique-torres 011
  • noela-boudoir-portrait-photography 001
  • glamour photography brisbane gold coast
  • 004 portrait-photography-brisbane-goldcoast
  • boudoir-photography-naomi6
  • boudoir-photography-naomi8
  • glamour-portrait 005
  • portrait photography brisbane gold coast
  • tanya-boudoir-photography-bulimba-brisbane 003
  • Model Folio for Kristy 004

The white sheet

This is a favourite of many women as it is the ultimate in “leaving very little to the imagination”. It is easy and makes a fantastic extra look. You can appear to be naked while revealing less flesh than lingerie and it can be great to hide those problem areas if you need to. Team it up with simple white lace knickers and you have a sexy, playful look. There is no need to bring a sheet. We have that here for you. 

  • boudoir-portrait-photography-bulimba-brisbane 001
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 013
  • jade-2
  • noela-boudoir-portrait-photography 009
  • 002 bw
  • 001-amber-boudoir-photography
  • boudoir-photoshoot 008
  • 003 alt 3


Who doesn’t love a great pair of jeans and it seems that the more ripped they are, the better. We have an awesome pair of ripped up jeans which will fit size 8 – 12 that you are most welcome to use or bring your’s or your guys favourite pair.

They can be worn topless or with your favourite bra or bikini top or with a sexy singlet knotted at the front or side. Leave unbuttoned or unzipped for an extra sexy look or go for the playful girl next door look.

  • glamour photography brisbane gold coast
  • Dean Agar - Fashion Photographer - Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • boudoir-photoshoot 011
  • Fashion Model Folio Photography - Brisbane and Gold Coast
  • Dean Agar - Fashion Photographer - Brisbane and the Gold Coast
  • Fashion Model Folio Photography - Brisbane and Gold Coast
  • Fashion Model Folio Photography - Brisbane and Gold Coast
  • Fashion Model Folio Photography - Brisbane and Gold Coast


If in doubt, wear nothing.

We have perfected the ‘nudoir’ session so that our lovely ladies can have the option of combining a little bit of art nude in with their boudoir session. Once again, we pose these sessions according to your specific body type.

If you are feeling brave and wish to shoot nudoir then we are your best choice. Combine a few tasteful art nude images with your boudoir session and have an amazing variety of images for your keepsake album or to keep as private digital files.

  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 016
  • ashley-art-nude-photography-bulimba 008
  • ashley-art-nude-photography-bulimba 010
  • ashley-art-nude-photography-bulimba 012
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 015
  • 003 nude-photography-brisbane-goldcoast
  • 002 bw
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 025
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 022
  • Nudoir-nude-boudoir-photography 017
  • 001 nude-photography-brisbane-goldcoast


There are so many options available in one of our sessions. You may add some headshots for your online or personal branding profile or bring your guy in for a few romantic or sexy couples images. Mix any of our styles together into the one session.

We want your session to be awesome and all that you have wished for, so please tell us your ideas and let’s get busy making your dreams come true.

  • Couple photography - folio - Brisbane and Gold Coast
  • portrait-session-monique-torres 009
  • portrait-session-monique-torres 006
  • family-photography-adele6
  • couples photography 5
  • glamour-photography-nisha3
  • chlo-boudoir-portrait-photography-bulimba-brisbane 002
  • boudoir-portrait-photography-bulimba-brisbane 003
  • glamoursession 003
  • portrait-fashion-photography 002
  • 007 disa-fitness-brisbane-goldcoast
  • fitness photography 11
  • fitness-session-men-SallyWu 001
  • couple-photography-shoot 003

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Phone: 0402 230 669


Studio: Stuart Street, Bulimba, QLD.

Boudoir & nude photography for Natasha

Nude photography

Natasha asked us to push her out of her comfort zone today and include some beautiful nude photography images along with the boudoir and glamour that she originally came here for. She was so happy that she did them and loves the results. The images are a birthday present for her boyfriend and we are sure he will love them.

We have a lot of ladies come in to us for a glamour or boudoir session. While they are in the makeup chair they look at a large TV screen which scrolls a selection of our work. They will often see our beautiful and tasteful nude photography and express an interest in doing some of that themselves. They are usually quite scared but they will always decide that they have made the step to come along so they might as well take a deep breath and do the nude images. They never, ever regret that decision. Our nude photography is done in either our dark studio for the moody dark images, or our natural light studio for the brighter images such as you see above.

The big question which is asked when shooting nude photography is “can we fix stretch marks and do a little thinning where needed?” The answer is yes, so if you are coming in for a session with us and you think you might like to get brave enough to include some nude, don’t fret it, it’s easy really.

Here is a link to our artistic nude photography gallery.

Here is a link to our boudoir and glamour photography gallery.

If you would like information on a photography session tailored to you please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or by  this link.

boudoir photography

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Nudoir Photography Brisbane

We are well known for our tasteful and elegant nudoir photography for women, men and couples. Our home photography studio is private and heated/cooled for your comfort. We will style and pose you specifically for your body type. We realise that you will be extremely nervous but that usually lasts for only the first 10 minutes or so. You will very quickly gain confidence with us and you will relax and feel comfortable. Once you see your images you will feel very proud of your achievements and many women tell us that they feel very ’empowered’ after their session.

You are most welcome to bring your partner/husband in with you for some special nudoir couples images and we welcome same sex couples (additional hair and makeup for 2 women as a couples is an extra $140)

Our sessions all begin with a beautiful relaxing makeover which will make you feel amazing so consider booking a night out afterwards to take advantage of your awesome hair and makeup.

Our session fee is $250 and includes your session fee and makeover. You can then add prints, wall art or a print or digital package to suit your budget. Payment can be made by bank transfer, cash or eftpos. We require a $100 deposit to hold your session and book your makeup artist. Clients typically spend between $500 – $1500 and payment plans can be arranged if needed.

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Glamour photography session with our Karen


This shoot was for the love of my life and business partner, Karen who has been styling, set designing and helping to pose, the women, men and couples at our studio since 2008. At 53 (in 2012) and after a year out with breast cancer, Karen has decided it is her turn to get in front of the camera and have some beautiful photos for her and the family. This goes to show that natural beauty and grace can be found in every woman, no matter her age. She has found the process and the finished shots to be a great confidence boost and a very liberating experience.

If you wish to book a session with us please call Karen on: 0402 230669 or email here.

We also filmed some of the day and made a short film which is below.

Karen tryptic

Jacqui lost a massive 100kg

Jacqui is the first amazing woman in our Inspiration series for 2018. Each month we are selecting and photographing one person at no charge, who has faced and conquered a battle, and who we believe would be an inspiration to others who are setting out on the same journey.

Jacqui has battled with her weight for most of her life and after suffering a back injury, was told by her doctor that she needs to either lose weight or purchase a wheel chair. This was a massive wake up call to Jacqui who weighed 150 kg and had 2 beautiful young girls to think about, so, she embarked upon a massive journey to shed as much as possible. Unfortunately her journey was especially difficult as she suffered a massive B12 loss which went undiagnosed and lost most of her vision and the ability to walk, but she fought and fought through and today she walks and her vision has returned. She has lost 100kg and she looks amazing.

This glamour photography session was a celebration of that achievement. Jacqui loves to sing and play guitar so we had to add some guitar images to her session. We also added some boudoir and nude. Jacqui was a total inspiration and a testament to what can be achieved when a person wants something badly enough. We felt very honoured to have been selected as her photographer.

If you would like more information on a photography session with us please contact us on 0402 230 669 or you can download one of our free information booklets from this link. Our booklets will give you all of the information you need to plan your session with help on what to wear, tips, prices and do’s & don’ts.

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Tanya says “F**CK YOU” to Breast Cancer!

Tanya is the second amazing person in our 2018 ‘Inspiration’ series of photographs and she wants to say a big “F**K YOU” to Breast Cancer. We chose Tanya for one of our free sessions to tell her story, which we believed would inspire and give hope to other women going through treatment, so we gifted Tanya a glamour, boudoir and portrait photography session.

Tanya’s story is very similar to Karen’s story in regards to her fight with Breast Cancer and it pulled a few emotional chords with the both of us.

Tanya was diagnosed with cancer of the left breast on July 5th last year, finding also that it had spread to her lymph nodes. She had lumpectomy with axillary lymph node clearance surgery, followed by 4 out of 6 very harsh chemotherapy (CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE + DOCETAXOL) treatments which were cut short due to severe reactions which almost killed her.

Tanya then had 30 sessions of radiation to her left breast which finished 16th February this year. She lost all of her hair, lashes and eyebrows (photo below during treatment) which are starting to grow back now and she has just started her 10 years of hormone therapy (Tamoxifen) and will continue to have follow up bone, organ and breast scans to check for metastasis.

Tanya wanted to have a session with us so that she could feel beautiful again and push away the stigma of “that lady with cancer” that everyone stares at. She wanted a strong photo shoot to say a big ‘F*** YOU!’ to cancer, and reclaim her life back. We had a wonderful session with Tanya today and we enjoyed chatting to her about her experience and life in general. We feel that we have helped her to see what a beautiful woman she is and we also got some sexy images that we know her husband will love.

If you would like information on a boudoir session with us please call Karen on 0402 230 669 or you can download our free e-book on planning your perfect boudoir photography session  below.

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12 awesome boudoir ideas to hide a “mummy tummy” for hot results!

Here are 12 awesome boudoir ideas to hide a “mummy tummy” and give you photos that are hot, hot, hot. Most of us mums have been there. After having a few children we have been left with a tummy that is not exactly the way it was “back in the day” so to speak. We end up carrying the wear and tear that motherhood brings and really – who want’s to even think about surgery to fix that problem? There are far more important things to worry about and find money for in life. But never fear, we can still give you awesome photographs that will make you forget what time and children have done to you, and, we can help you get that long forgotten confidence back. But, most importantly, we can make you smile and love yourself again.

Clearly, wearing a baby doll or corset would solve the problem but some women would like to try some nude or implied nude in their session and would also like to use a nice two piece lingerie set, so we have developed some great poses to suit. We can remove some damage in post production but most of it we will pose and light for the best results.

Our missing in life is to make as many women smile when they see their photographs as we possibly can and we hope that we can do that for you too. Below we have put together a list of boudoir and nudoir poses and outfits that are sexy but still elegant and will hide that ‘mummy tummy’, giving you photographs that you will absolutely love and, so will your husband/partner.


  1. The white sheet is fantastic for hiding problem areas whilst still looking sultry and alluring. We can cover as little or as much as we need and use light to blow out other detail if we choose to. If there are a few stray stretch marks still showing they can be removed in photoshop.

sexy boudoir ideas 1

2. Using the men’s white business shirt which can be opened or closed as much as is needed to hide marks if wanted. It is always a sexy option.

sexy boudoir ideas 2

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Glamour & boudoir photography session for Noela

Noela came to us this week for a mixed glamour and boudoir photography session. In fact she has come to us twice in the past month. The first session was for a family session with her children and grandchildren to celebrate her 60th birthday. Yes, 60th birthday. She loved the results so much that she decided to return to us for a boudoir session. I think these images prove that boudoir is no only for the young, it is for the young at heart. Noela looks amazing and we thank her very much for giving us permission to use her images.

Our sessions are held in our private home studio in beautiful Bulimba and you are welcome to mix any style into your session or bring your husband/partner in for a few special images together if you wish.

If you would like to chat about a boudoir photography session please call Karen on 0402 230 669 or you can find further information on this link. 

Download our free e-book on planning your perfect boudoir photography session with advice on preparation, hints, outfit ideas and do’s & dont’s. Start planning your dream boudoir session now.

Sign up to receive our free booklet on planning your perfect boudoir session plus special offers.

Free booklet - Planning your perfect Boudoir Photography session.

Including hints on what to wear, planning your session, pricing, offers,  do's and don'ts.

We value your privacy. Your information will not be shared.

Please double check your email address as a typo will mean you won't receive your booklet.