Sexy Sunday Glamour/Boudoir session for Sammie & Mitch


Another successful Sexy Sunday session with one of our long term fans, Sammie Dee. We had a great shoot with Samantha and her “man” Mitch.

This is what Sammie had to say:

“I’ve been familiar with Dean Agar’s work for almost 3 years.. 3 years of procrastination.. 3 years of “I just need to lose 2kg”.. “Or maybe 5kg”.. “My skin is really gross at the moment, I should just wait” .

Then the Sexy Sunday shoots came up and I had the opportunity to make the jump.. Honestly, I can’t believe I waited so long! Because in that room with Dean & Karen, there’s no such thing as ‘hang-ups’. You forget about them about 5 minutes into your shoot & realise that these people are professionals, they’ve probably seen it all anyway! So let your hair down!

Every facet of that morning was a brilliant experience! From the hair & make-up, to Sammie their gorgeous snowball puppy, to going through the raw photos at the end of the session. I’ll tell you what though.. Picking just 4 shots to be included.. Near impossible! If left to my own devices.. I’d probably STILL be there trying to choose! Luckily though, Dean has a ‘no-muck-around’ way to get down to your favourites! Again, brilliant!

So to Dean & Karen.. Thank you for a wonderful experience & even more wonderful pictures!
And to anyone considering taking the plunge but are putting it off for one reason or another.. Don’t be a chicken! You’ll be SO glad you did it!”

If you would like to book in for one of our Sexy Sunday sessions please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or email: or go to this link to register.

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Pinup, glamour & couples photography for Jess & Adrian – Sexy Sunday

Dean Agar Photography 004

Our Sexy Sunday shoot sessions have been very popular and we absolutely love them. We meet so many interesting and amazing people and we have a great day. We are also very proud to say that we give our clients an amazing experience from makeup to finished shots, the feedback is excellent.

This shoot was with Jess & Adrian. We shot a few of Jess on her own, a mix of pinup and portraiture, plus a few couples shots and they look fantastic. Here are a few of her final shots.

This is what Jess had to say when she received the final prints:

“Our photos arrived today and words cant describe how beautifully they have turned out! When Adrian and I arrived for our sexy sunday shoot we were instantly put at ease with the studios welcoming vibe. Initially I was daunted by the thought of having someone other than my husband see me in next to nothing! Dean was professional, and made me feel completely comfortable throughout the whole shoot. When i was a little lost with posing Karen was there to help out! I would have been a little lost without her telling me where to put my hands etc. And i cant forget Carla, who did amazing job with my hair makeup.

Thank you again for our amazing photos! Now its time to have them framed pronto so i can get these babies on display! “

If you would like to book in for one of our Sexy Sunday sessions please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or email: or go to this link to register.

See our complete galleries at

You will find our pinup/vintage gallery on this link.

If you wish to book one of our Dean Agar Sexy Sunday sessions you can shoot any style or mix it up. You can shoot glamour, pinup, artistic nude, boudoir, portrait, fashion, pregnancy or fitness. You can also bring your husband or boyfriend and do some couples shots as well as shots for yourself.

Dean Agar Photography 001

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Erotic Couples photography session for Sean & Jay


Today we had a fantastic shoot with Sean and Jay.  Throughout the shoot we had assumed they had known each other for years when in fact they met yesterday for the first time. This is what professional models can do, and they were certainly professional in every way. They make it look so easy and we believe they are a couple. They were wonderful to work with and 2 very nice individuals. We go so many amazing shots in just 4hrs it was hard to narrow them down.

For any inquiries send Karen an email to, or call 0402 230 669 or visit our website at to see more work in our galleries.