Halloween photography session with Amie & Jess.

halloween-shoot 002

This week we had a fantastic Halloween inspired session with two amazing models and a great makeup team. Our models are Amie and Jess and the creative team of Vee and Vania Stockwell did the awesome makeup and blood (so much blood). Styling was a combination of all involved.

Amie agreed to be our vampire and Jess agreed to be our zombie. The girls loved the halloween photography session and had a lot of fun playing up to their part. This was a lot of fun for Dean and I and a change from “all things pretty”.

Photography and editing of course was my wonderful husband, Dean.

Here is a link to our photography galleries.

If you would like any information on a session with us please contact me (Karen) on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

halloween-shoot 007

halloween-shoot 004

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Moka Creations session- published in “Mission Beautiful Australia” magazine.

MBA group 1 a

In March we photographed these images for Moka Creations and they have just been published in “Mission Beautiful Australia” magazine. It was a long wait but we can finally show them to you now.

Amie & Cecelia from Moka Creations designed and made the black throne. The dress was from Damsel in this Dress and the hair and makeup was from Andrea at Glamorous Hair and Makeup. The water images were shot at the Hinze Dam and the others in our studio. The model is Cecelia from Moka.

We hope you enjoy them.

003 Mission beautiful magazine photographer

001 Mission beautiful magazine photographer

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Glamour & Steampunk shoot with the wonderful Ashlee

Fantasy photography 07

On Monday we had an awesome Steampunk photography session with Ashlee Starr. We had great fun styling the Steampunk and the MUA, Danielle White was on hand the whole day touching up and playing with hair and wigs. We shot a mixture of glamour in our natural light studio plus outside in our garden then we moved to the flash studio for the steampunk photography. We were so happy with the results and Dean had a ball working his magic on the post production.

At Dean Agar Photography we love fantasy photography. Dean loves to get into the digital backgrounds and come up with new and unique ideas and creations such as the steampunk work you see here.

See our personal projects folio on this link for more samples of Deans magic digital work.

If you would like to try your hand at Steampunk or shoot glamour please contact Karen on 0402230669 or email: karen@deanagar.com.au

To see our complete galleries – portraiture, pinup, boudoir, glamour, couples, pregnancy, fashion, fantasy and fitness photography please go to our website:www.deanagar.com.au

Fantasy period portrait photography with Gabriella

Gabriella themed  004

These are a few period images we shot with Gabriella. As she hails from Britain she had the perfect look for the style of image we were after. This was her first time in front of the camera and she was amazing.

At 6′ tall she could well have been a model if university had not enticed her first. We have been watching “The Tudors” and “Game of Thrones” and had to do a session inspired by these amazing shows.

If you would like a photography session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or by email.

Gabriella themed 002

The Dean Agar Photography Facebook Page

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Our unique Fantasy photography

Here is a gallery of some of our fantasy shots. We have a range of mermaid scenes to pop you into. Also digital backgrounds, vampires and gun toting super heros. Speak to us about fulfilling your own personal fantasy.

For bookings and further information please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or email: karen@deanagar.com.au

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