What is included in my shoot price?

• Please email Karen on karen@deanagar.com.au for a pdf version of our price list plus any further details that you may need.

• Our packages don’t have any hidden costs and should you wish to purchase more prints, you’ll find our prints are half that of most of the competition.

• We do not partake in the common photographer practice of offering cheap prices for your session and then catch you out on overpriced prints afterward Microsoft Windows7 download. You’ll know what we charge BEFORE you shoot.

• You have the full use of all of our beautiful sets.

• You have the use of our wardrobe, corsetry (size dependent), accessories and props.

• We help you with your styling, dressing and posing. You will be guided every step of the way.

• During your session we take plenty of images and you will have anywhere from 100-150 to choose from for editing and printing.

Will my images end up online for everybody to see?

Most certainly not!

Some of the images in our gallery are of models but most of them are regular clients, just like you, who are so happy with their final images that they allow us to use them on our site. Not everybody is happy to have their images online and we respect that 100%. We will never publish any images without permission. All private sessions remain just that – Private Windows 7 iso download!

Can I purchase additional images later?

Yes. All sessions are backed up on hard drives so if you would like to purchase additional images at any time in the future, or if you lose your prints or DVD,  simply contact us and we will email you an online gallery to choose extra images.

Can I mix styles?

We shoot a lot of styles of photography so a great benefit of that for you is that you can mix it up. You can do a few nudes, some boudoir, pinup, fashion, glamour, portrait styles and you can also grab your partner/husband/boyfriend in a few shots at the end of the session. (digital backgrounds are an added cost if required)

Where are we?

We are conveniently located at Bulimba (8km from Brisbane CBD) and our studio is a home studio which our clients love. This means there is complete privacy for you, with no chance of somebody wandering into your session. Our studio is on the ground floor of our townhouse which means easy access (no stairs) for disabled clients.  We do not have any children unless you count our beautiful Samoyed, Sammie (who will be present during your session and is often requested to make an appearance in photos) and our pussy cats toy story. You will feel relaxed and completely at home with us. We are situated at 6/48 Stuart Street, Bulimba, only a block from the wonderful Oxford Street.

Is the photographer male or female?

A common question that we are asked from time to time.

We are a husband and wife team. Dean is the photographer & retoucher and I (Karen) assist and style your session. I am present at all times, unless you wish otherwise, and both Dean and I pride ourselves on creating a relaxed environment so that we can capture the best possible photos during your session.

Many women feel very nervous about the thought of being naked or in underwear in front of a strange man and they feel that they must have a female photographer 알바몬 이력서 양식 다운로드. My advice would be to go with the photographer whose work you like the best. The session is only a few hours but the images will last a lifetime. Almost everyone is nervous before a session but those nerves fade very quickly as you focus on poses and ideas. Our focus is on getting the very best image for you with the right pose to compliment your body, the right lighting and styling. One of our clients posted her images in a wedding forum and was asked the male/female photographer question. I think Belinda’s answer says it better than we ever could.

“I know what you mean about having a female photographer, it wouldn’t have bothered me either way but Dean’s wife Karen was there the whole time choosing jewellery and demonstrating poses etc and having her around did make me feel really comfortable. Mind you, Dean was all about the lighting and his sets and where my hand was and was I pointing my toes etc, I don’t even think he NOTICED I was in underwear LOL!!!”

Hair and Makeup

You can do your own hair and makeup or you can choose to have it professionally done here in our studio SolidWorks 2017. We will arrange for one of our talented artists to be here upon your arrival for your professional makeover. This consists of a makeup style of your choice to suite your session and person styling ideas plus your hair either straightened or curled. All of our package prices include the makeover so if you don’t want that service please let us know and we will reduce the price accordingly.

Preparation for your shoot

If you have decided to have your hair and makeup done by our artist please arrive with clean dry hair and a clean face without any makeup at all. Please wear loose fitting clothing without a bra to avoid marking your skin. This is particularly important for artistic nude sessions. If you are doing your own hair and makeup please arrive made up and ready to shoot.

How long will my shoot take

Arrival time is generally 9.30am if you are having your hair and makeup done with us with you being ready to shoot by 11.00am home version of Windows 10. If you are doing your own makeover then you can arrive at 10am.

Most sessions will take around 2-4 hrs which includes your makeover time, session and time after the session to go through the images and choose your favourites for editing and printing. Actors/corporate headshot sessions take less time.

Please be sure to leave your day free for your shoot to get the most out of it without having to rush off to work or to collect children. Allow yourself to be pampered and enjoy the experience.

What do I need to bring?

For artistic nude shoots you only need to bring yourself (please see the preparation notes above).
For boudoir/lingerie shoots please bring any lingerie items you would like to wear along with accessories. You are welcome to use our corsetry (listed below, size reliant) and accessories also 크롬 웹페이지 다운로드. If you are using our corsetry it is important to bring your own knickers, 1 pair in white and another in black, preferable lace with lacy sides which gives a more flattering line than a thin string. Black heels are useful if you have them. Bring anything that is unusual and stands out just in case. You never know what will look great in a shot and our experience and expertise will help when working out what will work with which outfit.
For fashion sessions you need to bring all of your outfit changes with accessories and shoes. You are welcome to use what we have in jewelry and accessories/corsetry but for fashion it is best to bring everything you need.

What do we have for your use?

Oversized knit jumpers.

Lace negligee in pink, white & black.

Ripped jeans & oversize t shirts 맥 매버릭스 다운로드.

At least a dozen different corsets to fit size 8 – 14

All of our corsets have clip fronts and lace up backs for better size adjustment. We can use them for size 6 – size 14B by adjusting the back. If you have a particularly large bust they may not fit so please discuss this when booking.

Swimwear & some lingerie.

Various pinup outfits, hats and accessories.

Fabrics, scarves.

Shoes: pointy toe heels in red and white, size 8. In red, black & white in size 10. Thigh high boot lace up boots size 8 and 10
Feather boas, red, white & black. 2 large feather fans, hats, gloves, fishnets in black & white, various items of jewellery 중2병이라도사랑이하고싶어 극장판 다운로드. Top hat, cane, cat’o nine tails, riding crop, cowgirl hat & guns.
Various masks, American Indian outfit to fit size 6 – 12, plus the fringe suede boots in size 8 & 10 (you need to bring your own skinny leg jeans for this outfit).

What do we have for children?

We have a range of beautiful dresses, props and accessories for girls aged 6 – 12.

Payment & Terms

A deposit is required to secure your booking which is usually your session fee. The remainder of your package price is due on the day of your session after you have made your selections and before your images are retouched. You can pay by direct transfer, credit card, paypal or by cash. Please speak to us if you need payment terms.

We will only book the makeup artist for your date once your deposit has been received. Please choose your date carefully Colosatron download. We know that sometimes things pop up that will cause you to have to change your date but it causes a lot of work once a makeup artist has been booked and both the artist and ourselves have possibly turned down other bookings only to have your date changed.
Please note that deposits are transferable to a different shoot date but not refundable. Your shoot date can be changed only once and up to a week before your date.  If you change or cancel within 24hrs of your session date or if you fail to turn up on the day you will lose all of your deposit.

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