Sexy Sunday testimonial from the lovely Wanda

Recently on one of our Sexy Sundays, we photographed Wanda, who’d had the shoot bought for her by her friend Amie. Some might say Amie is an excellent friend buying gifts like that!

Today Wanda emailed us a ‘testimonial’ and normally we pop those on the testimonial page, but I had to post this one here. I’ll let Wanda take over now:

“My friend who is a model bought me a Sexy Sunday photo shoot for my birthday as she was familiar with Karen & Dean’s amazing work and was feeling confident that i would be in good hands.

As you can imagine, i was over the moon to finally have some professional photos taken just before i turned 25 and i was already picturing showing my grand kids ‘how smoking hot looking grandma used to be she was younger’! πŸ™‚

I think every woman secretly wishes she was the beautiful woman on the billboards that everyone admires from afar so having some professional photos done, fulfills that fantasy in a way. So naturally, the week before my photo shoot i spent hours looking for inspirational photos on the internet until i shortlisted a few that i loved.

The day of the photo shoot, my friend and i arrived at Karen and Dean’s gorgeous home and Karen opened the door and made us feel welcome immediately.

The make up artist was also lovely and we shared some good laughs as she worked on my make up, which i have to say was the best professional make up i have had done so far. Dean and Karen were working on a shoot at the time but Karen was checking in every now and then to see how my make up was going.

Having my friend with me, a great make up artist and Karen’s adorable tiny dog and cat skipping around in the beautiful surroundings made the whole atmosphere very relaxing and enjoyable before the shoot.

Soon after my hair & make up was done, we sat down to look at the photos I had brought and both Karen and Dean started brainstorming how to turn the images as close to reality as possible and also make them work for me.

Because even if you have some specific ideas in mind, you have to be realistic with what suits your looks/personality and how to work with the lighting and props and that was something that Karen and Dean are experts at.

During the photo shoot, Karen was always making sure that everything sat right and not a hair is out of place and Dean was instructing me with the poses and facial expressions.

They also showed me the stunning photos as they shot them so i was feeling very encouraged throughout the whole process.

Karen and Dean are such professionals that by the end of the shoot it felt completely natural to walk around them wearing only lingerie.

So i left the photo shoot extremely pleased and looking forward to seeing the results.

Shortly after the shoot, Karen emailed me all the photos and it was quite difficult to choose the final shots as there were so many good ones.

And when i got the retouched shots back, i was just amazed how beautiful they looked and the compliments kept pouring in for the shot i uploaded on my Facebook.

So i would like to thank Karen, Dean and the rest of their team for all their effort in giving me amazingly beautiful photos to treasure for a lifetime xx

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