Glamour & boudoir photography session for Helen

Helen came to us for a glamour & boudoir photography session this week. We have photographed her in the past for her business headshots and it was lovely to see her again. We had a wonderful time photographing her and chatting about the word with her & her husband, who, was very happy indeed with the images we achieved.

If you would like more information on a boudoir session please call Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on

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Pregnancy photography session for Kate

We had a fantastic pregnancy photography session today for the beautiful Kate. Kate & her husband David were just wonderful to photograph and made our job seem so easy. It’s Kate’s first bub and she is certainly the picture of health and happiness.

If you are like Kate and many other expectant mums and simply have nothing to wear for this style of session, we do have some items here at the studio for complimentary use. The outfits shown in the photos for this session are all studio items. I am happy to discuss outfits and make suggestions so that we make sure to have the best session possible.

If you would like more information on a pregnancy photography session with us please see this link or call on 0402 230 669

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Same Sex Couples Boudoir Session for Caroline & Michelle

We love to photograph loving couples and this same sex couples boudoir session was for two absolutely lovely women who seemed just right for each other. We were thrilled that Michelle & Caroline chose us for this intimate boudoir photography session. We had such a great time photographing the girls and we were all thrilled with the results although there is not a lot that can go wrong when two people were obviously meant for each other.

We would like to thank Michelle and Caroline for allowing us to show their images on our site. If you would like information on a couples session with us please email or call on 0402 230 669.

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Glamour & boudoir photography session with Jade

We are so happy that Jade chose us for her glamour and boudoir photography session. We had a lot of fun photographing her and using our new Hollywood lighting setup and it was fantastic that she gave us permission to use the images on our site.

If you would like information on a boudoir or glamour photography session with us please call Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on

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Couples photography Brisbane

Couples photography Brisbane

Let’s talk about couples photography sessions. They are a very different dynamic to a normal glamour, portrait or boudoir session.

Usually with a couples photography session, there is a hand imprint in the back of one of the couple. Sometimes they will be here because both of them really want a session but more often it is because one person wants the session and has had to convince the other to come along. That is equally divided between men and women too by the way. It is not always the woman who wants the session. Equally, the male half will want to do the session and will push his other half to come along. In the end they will always end up on the same page though, glad they came to us for a session and loving their photographs.

Couples photography Brisbane

It is interesting to see how different men and women are with their ideas on photographs. When I ask the woman to show me images that she likes as reference for herself, they will mostly be discrete and with a soft feel. When I ask the man for his ideas, they will almost always be sexier and a less subtle. During the session we will usually cover both styles so that both achieve what they want from the session.

A typical couples photography session will run for around 2 hours. We will start photographing the woman first on her own to allow her to relax into the session. We will then photograph the man for a few special images which will usually be a cool headshot and any sexy images that his wife/girlfriend may have requested. Once both are relaxed and settled we will start on the couples images.

couple photography brisbane

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Boudoir & nude photography for Natasha

Nude photography

Natasha asked us to push her out of her comfort zone today and include some beautiful nude photography images along with the boudoir and glamour that she originally came here for. She was so happy that she did them and loves the results. The images are a birthday present for her boyfriend and we are sure he will love them.

We have a lot of ladies come in to us for a glamour or boudoir session. While they are in the makeup chair they look at a large TV screen which scrolls a selection of our work. They will often see our beautiful and tasteful nude photography and express an interest in doing some of that themselves. They are usually quite scared but they will always decide that they have made the step to come along so they might as well take a deep breath and do the nude images. They never, ever regret that decision. Our nude photography is done in either our dark studio for the moody dark images, or our natural light studio for the brighter images such as you see above.

The big question which is asked when shooting nude photography is “can we fix stretch marks and do a little thinning where needed?” The answer is yes, so if you are coming in for a session with us and you think you might like to get brave enough to include some nude, don’t fret it, it’s easy really.

Here is a link to our artistic nude photography gallery.

Here is a link to our boudoir photography gallery.

If you would like information on a photography session tailored to you please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or by  this link.

boudoir photography

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Hollywood glamour portraits for women.

We are thrilled to announce our new Hollywood glamour portraits series. We scoured Australia to find our beautiful, authentic film light from Paramount Studios in Hollywood. She is from the 1940’s and still has the name plate for Paramount Studio on the back. The bulb was missing and the wiring was for US but that was fine, we just wanted the shell and she looks amazing. We were so happy when we located her in Melbourne and can only imagine the movies and TV shows that she may have been a part of from 1939 and onwards until she was retired.

When paired up with a nice bit of haze, a golden gel and our newly created background, we get the exact look that we were looking for. For this session you will see Emma looking very elegant and beautiful, helping us to achieve exactly what we had envisaged when we conceived the idea a month ago. We hope that you love the images as much as we do. If you would like to enquire about a Hollywood glamour session for yourself please email on or call me on 0402 230 669.

Just a heads up, you will need a lovely evening gown although we do have a few here so please call and we can discuss.

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Model photography featuring coloured gels with Niki

This model folio session was for Niki and we had a lot of fun with our new hollywood light and with coloured gels. If you would like more information on a model folio session with us please email Karen on this link or call 0402 230 669.

You will also find more information on model folios on this link.

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Glamour session for Carllene

Carllene took part in one of our Cancer Council fundraiser photography sessions, “50 Fabulous Women”, to help raise much needed funds for women’s cancer in Queensland. For this fundraiser we are not charging a session fee but instead we are charging a $75 participation fee and that amount is paid to the Cancer Council of Queensland.

Our aim is to photograph 50 women and to raise around $4000 during the process for the cancer council. After we have photographed these 50 awesome women we will be producing a book titled “50 Fabulous Women” which will be available for purchase. Many of the ladies have decided to take advantage of the session and make an event of it, getting some beautiful portraits of themselves as well as donating to a great cause.

Carllene wanted the “fish face” image below, which is just awesome for her nephews as it’s a face she pulls to make them laugh. It’s a gift for them which I’m sure they will treasure for a long time to come.

Glamour session for Jemma

This glamour session was for the lovely Jemma. This is the second time that we have photographed Jemma and just like the previous session, we love the results. Jemma is wonderful to photograph and a lot of fun to chat to. This session was based around our new hollywood light which is an original movie light for Paramount Pictures from around 1940.

If you would like more information on a session with us please email Karen on this link or call on 0402 230 669

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