Model photography session for Lindsay

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This was a model photography session for Lindsay Kotmel from Brisbane. Lindsay wanted a folio of images to take to an agency so that she could pick up some modelling whilst she is studying.

Some helpful tips and information for aspiring models.

Some modelling agencies will offer to do your model photography for you, but they will retain ownership of the images. This means that if you decide to move onto another agent, you won’t be able to take your photos. If you have your model photography done by an independent photographer you will retain the ownership of your images. If your not happy with your agent, you simply move onto another one, with your images.

Before you have your photography session you should know what sort of model you wish to be. You need to match your body type to your modelling goal. These are generally the requirements for each style of modelling.

A Plus-Sized Model: If your body is full and curvaceous, you may be able to be a plus size model.

A Runway Model: Most women on the catwalk are at least 5’8 and commonly small-breasted. Men are mostly between 5’11 and 6’2.

A Print Model: Most editorial female models are at least 5’7, but a beautiful face with great personality are the most important features for print models.

An Underwear Model: For women, this requires large breasts but small hips. For men, this requires broad shoulders but slim waists.

An Alternative Model: Some agencies hire alternative models: models who do not conform to the industry “standards” of beauty, height, and weight. Additionally, having a specific passion or cause that you’re working towards can help open doors that may be closed due based on a body feature that does not “fit industry standards”.

Other Types of Modelling: If you don’t fit any of the face or body descriptions, perhaps you can be a foot, hair, or hand model.

It is also a good idea to practice some posing before you come in for your session so that you are more comfortable when you’re in front of the camera. We will help you with posing but you should know a few basic poses. Stand in front of the mirror and practice at least 3 different poses and become comfortable with them. Look online to see what poses you like and what you can manage.

During your model photography session with us, you will gain valuable experience in regards to what you can expect if you get modelling work. We keep our work age appropriate and will not photograph nude or topless work for under 18yrs. Underage models are in a safe environment with us, with images being 100% age appropriate at all times and mothers are most welcome to be in the sessions at all times.

Once you have your edited images you can present yourself to a few different agencies & choose the one that suits you and your modelling style the best. You should not have to pay to join an agency since you will already have your own images.

If you would like information on a model photography session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

See our complete model photography gallery on this link.

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