Model folio photography session for Rani

model photography Rani

17 year old Rani came to us this week to kick start her modelling portfolio with a model folio photography session. Her mum chose us because she loved our work, but also, because we have a lot of experience photographing first time models.

There are several reasons to choose us for your model/fashion photography session.

The first of course, is that you love our work, but a very important reason is that the models, and especially the young, inexperienced girls feel safe and comfortable with us. Dean and I (Karen) are a team and I am always there through the session. I will help with the posing, dressing and styling and Dean is the talent on the camera and editing. We find this works very well for us.

We take the time needed to get the image as perfect as possible and we will help with styling and posing meaning that first timers are not left floundering, wondering what to do. For the experienced models wanting to update their portfolio, we will let you “do your own thing” but we will fine tune and perfect your pose to avoid those images which are great, but, if only the hand was not there . . . . We won’t just click off a thousand images and hope one looks great. We will work on one and perfect it so we know it looks great.

For the beginners, we guide every step and the young model will definitely learn some basics during a session with us. This means that if she does find a model job down the track, that she will know some basics on etiquette and posing, as not all photographers take the time we do in a session and most will expect the model to pose and style themselves. So, not only will the model come out of a session with us with some great images, but the information she will gain will be like a mini workshop and will push her to work harder and know what to focus on for this career path.

You can find information on a model folio session with us on this link.

We photograph models and actors of all ages. If you would like information on a session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

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