featured-georgie“Dear Karen & Dean,
I’ve been meaning to send this message ages ago but end of school year got on top of me. I wanted to thank you so much for giving Georgie such an amazing experience! Apart from making us incredibly proud of how well she handled the shoot, you also gave us the joy of looking at her photos, that capture the intensity of her little spirit.

However more importantly, you did something even larger than our joy and pride. You both created an opportunity for Georgie to see herself in a different way. Georgie has always had lots of comments about her looks- and we’ve always told her beauty on the outside is nothing if you’re not beautiful on the inside! Georgie has known that she has a kind heart & earns lots of praise from teachers and coaches for her compassion, kindness and ability to make other people feel valued and important. What Mark & I didn’t realise is that she didn’t ‘know’ she was beautiful on the outside as well. She looked at those photos in awe and said,” I am beautiful – I didn’t think I was – but I am! ”

I wanted to take the opportunity of giving you feedback. You were both exceptional at making  us all feel comfortable with the whole process. You given us much joy. I hope you both enjoy a relaxed & joyful Christmas. Cheers, Jac Whiteford”

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“I picked my photos up from the post office yesterday afternoon Lineage 3.21 Client Download.  They are just beautiful.  Many thanks to you both for a wonderful experience.  I must also thank your makeup artist/stylist for being so friendly and welcoming. Not to mention what an awesome result she achieved for me. I am sure I will treasure these photos for a long time to come.  Thank you also for the voucher for referring a friend. I would recommend this experience for anyone :)” (Cheryl Jenkin)


Actors head shots for Kiara featured

“Thank you Karen, and thank you to Dean & Carla also – your formidable team.  Thank you for welcoming Kiara and I to your home and studio and for producing such stunning and edgy photos  – we are so happy with them.  We will highly recommend you and your team to everyone and anyone.  I just love your photos Dean – ‘you don’t take a photograph, you make it’, thank you for making something special for Kiara. We have already had great feedback from Kiara’s agent and family and friends.

Karen thanks for giving some valuable feedback to Kiara to look at magazines and to keep practicing posing.  We know she has a long way to go and it’s a tough industry, but this is what she loves and wants to do and we will continue to support her dream.  We hope to return to you in the future to create more special moments.” Kylie.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you! embedded xp!

The photo’s arrived so beautifully presented.

I am extremely pleased with everything and the whole experience from start to end.

I have been an admirer of your work on Facebook for a long time. After watching the youtube videos of others experiences and how comfortable and pleased they were, I noticed the $395 Sexy Sunday package including the photo’s, hair and make-up,

I decided to give it a try for a gift for the hubby’s Birthday, Not really thinking I could pull off Sexy, but hey what could it hurt.

So I arrived with my 2 daughters, with a firm warning to behave (which they did thanks to the adorable puppy Sammie there to amuse them).

I was warmly invited in by Carla and then the Magic began!!! Most women believe that their wedding day is their one time to really shine, but Carla topped that moment by far with her perfect application of make up and hair styling.

When I looked in the mirror at her work I was so impressed with my reflection! Wow.

I took a deep breath and thought I can do this I can pull off Sexy.

Then it was all up to Dean and Karen to perform the next miracle, Of course after child birth things aren’t as we would like,  But I felt extremely comfortable with the guidance and body placement  and positioning help from Karen and eye for detail from dean it all happened we did it.

Beautiful Sexy pictures were created! Digimon download! Then the hard part picking the favourite pictures, I honestly didn’t think it would be possible to capture so many great shots! (I am usually the person who ruins the family photo with shut eyes or something).

So after the photos were picked I left feeling very excited and pleased what a buzz. Driving home having a little peek in the rear view mirror every now and again admiring the sexy face in the mirror.

I did it, I was sexy for a day! actually 4 days the lashes and hair stayed in so well. Yay.

I have felt a little sexier ever since.

And I am so pleased that it has been captured in a photo to keep forever to prove that sexy is possible. My husband loves them and have had so many compliments on FB which has been such a confidence booster.

I honestly believe that every women should treat herself to a sexy sunday session. What a wonderful experience, I  can’t wait to do it again sometime maybe a couples or family shoot!

So thank you very much for a wonderful and memorable day at DK Studios/Dean Agar Photography.

Thank you Carla, Karen and Dean for making it possible.”

Sarah Keep  (to register for Sexy Sunday click this link)

alex fitness“Dean and Karen are true professionals in their discipline. Having never had experience in a photo shoot environment before, i felt tense and my mouth was tight initially and this was reflected in the first few photos taken n번방 다운로드. Dean was quick to identify this and gave me many pointers on body language and exercises to relax my mouth, and made me aware that this was a mistake that is often made by many people and novices in particular.

As the photo shoot progressed, I took his advice on board and practiced some of these exercises and this made a huge difference. Dean is not only an excellent photographer but he knows how to bring to life the best in people when they are in front of a camera. This is what makes him a talented photographer. Karen is a perfectionist and compliments their team by paying great attention to detail. She ensured that my clothing sat in the correct place for my corporate photos and that I was well oiled and watered for my fitness photos.

The proof of their talents is demonstrated in the photos that they took. Pictures speak more than one thousand words and this is evident in the quality of my photo portfolio that was chosen. I am happy to say that I feel that this was money well spent and through this newly created portfolio, I can now confidently present myself and “my brand” online.”  Alex Verghis

I have seen the preview Dean has put up on FB, and I’m amazed by how great they look!

I can’t wait for the rest of them! Oh my!

You guys ROCK!!

Thank you again, I can’t express how happy I am!!!


Our photos arrived today and words cant describe how beautifully they have turned out! When Adrian and I arrived for our Sexy Sunday shoot we were instantly put at ease with the studios welcoming vibe. Initially I was daunted by the thought of having someone other than my husband see me in next to nothing! Dean was professional, and made me feel completely comfortable throughout the whole shoot. When i was a little lost with posing Karen was there to help out free template ppt! I would have been a little lost without her telling me where to put my hands etc. And i cant forget Carla, who did amazing job with my hair makeup.

Thank you again for our amazing photos! Now its time to have them framed pronto so i can get these babies on display!

Jess & Adrian (Sexy Sunday session)

Just wanted to say a massive thankyou for my shoot on Sunday, I cant believe I actually went nude! You made me feel super relaxed (well, as relaxed as could be expected) and I had a blast. I’m so glad I took Karen’s advice and took off my gear, she’s right – it’s good to get out of my comfort zone! My boyfriend was also very excited to hear about it… Haha. Looking forward to seeing the finished product- in the mean time I am already daydreaming about what to bring to my next shoot.
You guys rock!
Jess Courte (Sexy Sunday session)

Hi Karen,

I can’t stop thinking about Saturday. I had such a great time, and I know I was INCREDIBLY nervous at first, but it was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I would LOVE to do it again! I can’t wait to be pregnant just so I can come back and get maternity photos done lol. You guys were just wonderful, you made me feel comfortable, and you were professional and helpful, and I just could not be happier with the results windows 10 1909 update. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Stephanie Jose

I had been thinking about getting a glamourous photo shoot done for several years now, but I was lacking motivation as so many glamour shoots look the same with that overly photoshopped finish. I finally came across the website for Dean Agar Photography and was inspired by the pinup shots in their portfolio. I bit the bullet and booked an appointment.

Everything was perfect from the get-go; my makeup and hair were exactly what I wanted, even though I couldn’t tell Tracey what I wanted in the slightest! We started off with a bikini shot but I didn’t need the offered dressing gown as Karen and Dean established such a relaxed and professional atmosphere immediately. As another client has said, I don’t think Dean even noticed I wasn’t wearing many clothes as he was so busy making sure each picture was perfect.

The photos in question were simply stunning. I could have bought practically every photo that he took. It was so much of a challenge to get my final list down to six that I had to get extras!

My advice to people thinking about this kind of shoot is to bite the bullet and just book it!! You won’t regret it as it’s fabulous for your confidence, and I’ll have these photos forever to look back on when I’m wrinkly Windows xp sp3 iso download! Thank you so much Dean and Karen 🙂

Ps. I showed my photos to my partner and my parents and they adored them. They couldn’t get over what an amazing job you both did, and everyone demanded copies immediately! I might have to order more soon – Libby Murray

Hi Dean & Karen,

Thank you so much for an amazing experience. I believe that every woman nearing fifty should have a glamour photography session with you two. The boost to one’s self esteem and confidence is very empowering, as you have the ability to make us all look beautiful and sensual.

You very delicately and supportively nurtured me through the whole process and I am absolutely delighted with the results. The lingerie and artistic nude  photographs have amazed and delighted my partner. Despite being a bit nervous, I found that it was a very liberating experience, and you made it fun and enjoyable.

The quality, professional polish and creativity you apply to the finished photos is beyond expectations, so much choice that it is hard to narrow it down to a select few photos.

Thanks so much again, and I would be most happy to recommend Dean Agar Photography to all my friends and family.

Kindest Regards,

Hi Dean,

Just to let you know what Dave thought of the photo.
Well, he absolutely loves it. I got him to close his eyes while I laid it out on the table. When he saw it, he got tears.
He stared at it for over 15 minutes and was rendered speechless, which is not like him 크롬 애드온 다운로드.
He says it is the most beautiful picture he has ever seen. It was certainly money well spent, very worth it. We both thank you so very much for all the time and effort you put in.
Thanking you and kind regards,

Hey Dean,

Sorry – the years getting away from me already. I meant to already send an email to say thanks again for the photos! Rob was speechless, a difficult task to accomplish. he was completely blown away and thinks it was the most amazing gift i could have given him. I’ve shown a few of my friends and they all think they are incredible. I’ll have to keep an eye on your blog to see what you’re up to through the year :o)
Thanks to you and Karen for photos I’m always going to appreciate

Hi Dean,

The time came to give my partner the photos from our shoot (for his birthday 2 days ago)…. for some reason I was very nervous when i woke him to open them but the response and the reaction couldnt have been better. His mouth dropped and his heart could have skipped a beat while he was momentarily speechless with amazement. He totally loved every single one of them, and i knew he ment it when he told me noone in his life before had ever put in any effort or thought into any aspect of his life or any gifts he had been given, and that this was the best birthday present he had ever received. I have you to thank greatly for making it possible for me to give him a fantastic birthday that he will never forget. Maybe next time I see you it will be for a couples shoot 툼레이더 레전드 다운로드!

After wanting photos like this for many years…. but never finding a photographer that i could be comfortable with – i came across Dean’s work.

Yes, they may be nude photos, but all his work is tasteful and simply amazing!

I’m the most self conscious and insecure person that hates being in front of any camera….. but these photos prove that anyone can look good in their own way. Dean puts in so much time and effort into the work he obviously loves doing, and it certainly shows in all his pictures. I was honestly amazed when i saw these photos of myself, and just want to thank Dean for his time, effort and sharing his talent with us. I highly recommend Dean for any type of photography. Thanks again.


Hi Dean

Wow! They are fantastic, you did an amazing job!  The shoot was a lot of fun – it was fascinating to see how it all translated into an image.

Thanks again for your help, I am really happy with the results!

Kind regards


Hi Dean

I can’t tell you what this whole experience has done for me, you should feel very good and proud of what you do star wars prequel.

Just wanted to thank you so much again for the photos and for the DVD – it’s fantastic (love the presentation!).

So, thank you.


Hi Dean

The photos are amazing, and this is just the beginning…. we can’t wait for the rest! thank you so much, you have done the best job…

Dave and Yas

Hi Dean

Dean was an excellent photographer to work with as he made me feel very relaxed and comfortable with myself. I did an artistic nude shoot with him and he did all he could to make me feel relaxed before the shoot, so when we walked into the studio, i just got straight into it! He was very respectful and communicative, great aspects for a photographer!

I definitely had a great time!
Tara Murrell

Hi Dean,

These are all fantastic!!! Thank you so much for all the hard work you have put into them. I am really happy with the images… love them all – even the digital backgrounds 😉 They look realistic!
Kind Regards,


Hey dean,

Thanks again! I had a lot of fun today, You are a gem!
any hoo send along when they are ready.. my boyfriend is exited to see them hehe and thats rare!!!


i know i am in love with them, the lingerie ones are my favorite too… hahaha now i believe a good photographer can get a good shot even with the worst model!  and you are a fantastic photographer, i only hope one day i can get as good as you one day, I’ve started my diploma course in photography now and bought myself a new fancy camera very exciting but really i just wanna get out there and do the practical not just read the theory lol
take care



It is 6:30pm, I’ve been home now for almost two hours, and I’m still on a high!!  I can’t thank you enough for making today one of the best I’ve had in a bloody long time!  I’m still surprised at how “brave” I was and feel silly now about having worried so much this morning.

Dean you are the best!!  You already know you’re a fantastically talented artist with the camera but you also have an amazing ability (and loads of patience) to help “virgins” overcome their inherent shyness!!

You are the most amazing couple and deserve every success with your business – which I am sure it already is!!  I am already looking forward excitedly to seeing you again next Friday to view the shots.





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