Pinup Photos – Our new CGI sets

Pinup Photos – Our new CGI sets

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ou have to admit. PINUP IS A HELL OF A LOT OF FUN!. If you love Pinup photos, you will love our Pinup Experience. We have developed a unique range of pinup scenes for our exclusive pinup photography sessions, just for those of you who LOVE THE 50’s VIBE! These scenes have been designed and made by us and are only available with us. We have everything you need including costumes, accessories and props for the best pinup photos in Brisbane. Our in-house professional hair and makeup artists will give you a stunning pinup look, to make sure that your pinup photos are perfect. Our wardrobe will fit size 6 to size 20 and we have heels in sizes 8 and 10. 

These Pinup Photography Experiences are specifically designed for women and teens aged 12 years and upwards. We have outfits to suit sizes 8 to 22, with heels in sizes 8 & 10 plus sandshoes & bobby socks to fit most sizes. If you have your own outfits & heels you can most certainly bring those along. Age is not a barrier and they make a wonderful experience for mother/daughters, best friends or sisters. If your man has some 50’s outfits and you would like to include him, bring him along. This is all about you and it will be fun fun fun!


Our photography studio is located in Bulimba, South Brisbane, and is private and heated/cooled for your comfort. We will style and pose you specifically for your body type. We realise that you will be extremely nervous but that usually lasts for only the first 10 minutes or so. You will very quickly gain confidence with us and you will relax and feel comfortable. Once you see your images you will feel very proud of your achievements.

Simply choose your favourite scenes and we will photograph you in one of our ‘rockin’ hot’ outfits along with our props and accessories and you will be expertly photoshopped into your scene.


You can see our pinup portfolio on this link.

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See the way we have put together some of our unique Pinup scenes.

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If you would like more information on a Pinup experience with us please call Karen on 0402 230 669 or use the form below.

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