Sexy Sunday glamour photography session for Leanne

001 Leanne Jones Portrait Boudoir Photography

002 Leanne Jones Portrait Boudoir Photography

Leanne came from the Gold Coast today for her Sexy Sunday session with us. She was accompanied by her best friend Jessica whom we photographed last August. Leanne wanted images both for her husband and for herself to keep and look back upon in the years to come. She wanted something that she could show her children when they were older and images that would remind her of how she looked when she was younger. This is such an important part of our business and ironically neither Karen or myself have anything like this to look back upon which may be why we are so passionate about it now.

Leanne was very happy with the results and left feeling a lot more confident in herself after seeing the results even before they were processed and finished.

This was our first Sexy Sunday session for 2014 . We had 6 beautiful ladies booked for sessions this weekend and we have started the year off with a bang.

You can see more stunning images from this weekend’s glamour & boudoir photography sessions on this link.

If you would like more information on a session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or email

You can find more information on our Sexy Sunday sessions with available dates on this link.

This link will take you directly to our video page with some videos of client’s experiences plus “Michelle’s Perfect Day” which is a video of Michelle’s day and her session with us. From leaving her 1yr old and partner for the day to the final beautiful images from her shoot. Michelle is a very busy young mum with no time for herself. Michelle had an amazing session with us and images that have boosted her self confidence and made her feel like a sexy woman again rather than “just a mum”.

004 Leanne Jones Portrait Boudoir Photography

005 Leanne Jones Portrait Boudoir Photography

007 Leanne Jones Portrait Boudoir Photography

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