Sexy Sunday Glamour/Boudoir session for Sammie & Mitch


Another successful Sexy Sunday session with one of our long term fans, Sammie Dee. We had a great shoot with Samantha and her “man” Mitch.

This is what Sammie had to say:

“I’ve been familiar with Dean Agar’s work for almost 3 years.. 3 years of procrastination.. 3 years of “I just need to lose 2kg”.. “Or maybe 5kg”.. “My skin is really gross at the moment, I should just wait” .

Then the Sexy Sunday shoots came up and I had the opportunity to make the jump.. Honestly, I can’t believe I waited so long! Because in that room with Dean & Karen, there’s no such thing as ‘hang-ups’. You forget about them about 5 minutes into your shoot & realise that these people are professionals, they’ve probably seen it all anyway! So let your hair down!

Every facet of that morning was a brilliant experience! From the hair & make-up, to Sammie their gorgeous snowball puppy, to going through the raw photos at the end of the session. I’ll tell you what though.. Picking just 4 shots to be included.. Near impossible! If left to my own devices.. I’d probably STILL be there trying to choose! Luckily though, Dean has a ‘no-muck-around’ way to get down to your favourites! Again, brilliant!

So to Dean & Karen.. Thank you for a wonderful experience & even more wonderful pictures!
And to anyone considering taking the plunge but are putting it off for one reason or another.. Don’t be a chicken! You’ll be SO glad you did it!”

If you would like to book in for one of our Sexy Sunday sessions please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or email: or go to this link to register.

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