Bridal boudoir photography session with Louise

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One of the latest trends to hit the wedding industry has been the rise in popularity of bridal boudoir. It is a sexy little gift that you can give your husband to be on the morning of the wedding as a reminder of the passion and love you share surrounding the lead up to your wedding.

So what exactly is bridal boudoir? Bridal boudoir, or boudoir photography is about capturing an individual’s beauty through tasteful and intimate photographs. They can be photographs taken in a gorgeous little cocktail dress, beautiful lingerie or even some cheeky implied nudity. A boudoir session can be as conservative or as cheeky as you like. It is completely up to you. An exciting element of bridal boudoir is that it features some of your wedding items including your lingerie, shoes, garter and even your veil. We have a great range of props and sets for your images in our studio as well as a short and long veil if you don’t have yours available yet.

As well as creating some beautiful photographs for your husband to be, a boudoir session is also about celebrating who you are as a woman. The images that we capture are just as much for the bride to be as for the husband to be. We will capture your personality and your beauty and give you images that you will love to look at for years and years to come.

So what do most brides to be do with the photos from the session? There are many different ways that you can display or use your boudoir photographs. The most popular gift item for husbands to be would have to be our padded leather coffee table book featuring a collection of images from the bride to be. Another beautiful idea for displaying boudoir photographs is creating a series of beautiful black and white fine art nudes that can be displayed in the bedroom above the bed. Boudoir photography is always done tastefully, so they can be used as art pieces for the home. So why not consider a bridal boudoir session as a wedding present for your husband to be. It will certainly be unexpected!

This bridal boudoir photography session was for the lovely Louise.

For beautiful, sexy yet naughty images, just for you and your groom, book a bridal boudoir photography session with us and see the mix of shock and joy on your man’s face when you present the images. It is best to book your session 2-4 weeks before the wedding date to allow plenty of time for post production and printing, so plan your session now.

Most of the outfits and accessories in these images are available for your use to fit size 8 – 12. You would need to bring your own 2 piece white bra & pants. For further information and bookings please contact Karen on 0402 230669 or email on this link.

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