Glamour session for Jemma

This glamour session was for the lovely Jemma. This is the second time that we have photographed Jemma and just like the previous session, we love the results. Jemma is wonderful to photograph and a lot of fun to chat to. This session was based around our new hollywood light which is an original movie light for Paramount Pictures from around 1940.

If you would like more information on a session with us please email Karen on this link or call on 0402 230 669

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Glamour session for Carllene

Carllene took part in one of our Cancer Council fundraiser photography sessions, “50 Fabulous Women”, to help raise much needed funds for women’s cancer in Queensland. For this fundraiser we are not charging a session fee but instead we are charging a $75 participation fee and that amount is paid to the Cancer Council of Queensland.

Our aim is to photograph 50 women and to raise around $4000 during the process for the cancer council. After we have photographed these 50 awesome women we will be producing a book titled “50 Fabulous Women” which will be available for purchase. Many of the ladies have decided to take advantage of the session and make an event of it, getting some beautiful portraits of themselves as well as donating to a great cause.

Carllene wanted the “fish face” image below, which is just awesome for her nephews as it’s a face she pulls to make them laugh. It’s a gift for them which I’m sure they will treasure for a long time to come.

Model photography featuring coloured gels with Niki

This model folio session was for Niki and we had a lot of fun with our new hollywood light and with coloured gels. If you would like more information on a model folio session with us please email Karen on this link or call 0402 230 669.

You will also find more information on model folios on this link.

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Hollywood glamour portraits for women.

We are thrilled to announce our new Hollywood glamour portraits series. We scoured Australia to find our beautiful, authentic film light from Paramount Studios in Hollywood. She is from the 1940’s and still has the name plate for Paramount Studio on the back. The bulb was missing and the wiring was for US but that was fine, we just wanted the shell and she looks amazing. We were so happy when we located her in Melbourne and can only imagine the movies and TV shows that she may have been a part of from 1939 and onwards until she was retired.

When paired up with a nice bit of haze, a golden gel and our newly created background, we get the exact look that we were looking for. For this session you will see Emma looking very elegant and beautiful, helping us to achieve exactly what we had envisaged when we conceived the idea a month ago. We hope that you love the images as much as we do. If you would like to enquire about a Hollywood glamour session for yourself please email on or call me on 0402 230 669.

Just a heads up, you will need a lovely evening gown although we do have a few here so please call and we can discuss.

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Glamour & boudoir photography session for Noela

Noela came to us this week for a mixed glamour and boudoir photography session. In fact she has come to us twice in the past month. The first session was for a family session with her children and grandchildren to celebrate her 60th birthday. Yes, 60th birthday. She loved the results so much that she decided to return to us for a boudoir session. I think these images prove that boudoir is no only for the young, it is for the young at heart. Noela looks amazing and we thank her very much for giving us permission to use her images.

Our sessions are held in our private home studio in beautiful Bulimba and you are welcome to mix any style into your session or bring your husband/partner in for a few special images together if you wish.

If you would like to chat about a boudoir photography session please call Karen on 0402 230 669 or you can find further information on this link. 

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Glamour photography session with our Karen


This shoot was for the love of my life and business partner, Karen who has been styling, set designing and helping to pose, the women, men and couples at our studio since 2008. At 53 (in 2012) and after a year out with breast cancer, Karen has decided it is her turn to get in front of the camera and have some beautiful photos for her and the family. This goes to show that natural beauty and grace can be found in every woman, no matter her age. She has found the process and the finished shots to be a great confidence boost and a very liberating experience.

If you wish to book a session with us please call Karen on: 0402 230669 or email here.

We also filmed some of the day and made a short film which is below.

Karen tryptic

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Boudoir photography session with Chlo

Yesterday we had a fantastic boudoir photography session with Chlo who was incredibly easy to photograph. Chlo was fun and a natural in front of the camera which made our job so easy.

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Glamour portrait session with our make up artist, Monique

glamour photography Monique

This week we photographed one of our wonderful makeup artists, Monique Torres from Zalique Makeup. We had been wanting to get Monique in front of the camera for the past 18 months but she was a bit too nervous. We managed to convince her to come in for a glamour portrait session with us and we had an amazing session with her. Even though she actively avoided being on the other side of the camera, she was a natural. She has a grace and poise which made our job so easy and the results, amazing.

Now Monique knows first hand what a session is like as she is often asked by our clients. She had such a great time that she is planning a trip back with her husband for a romantic couples session.

If you are searching for the right Brisbane photographer to capture your personality and spirit then please get in touch. We would love to have the opportunity to give you amazing photographs that you never thought were possible. Monique may even end up being your makeup artist for your session.

Please call Karen on 0402 230 669 if you would like to discuss your own personally designed photography session.

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Jacqui lost an impressive 100kg

Jacqui is the first amazing woman in our Inspiration series for 2018. Each month we are selecting and photographing one person at no charge, who has faced and conquered a battle, and who we believe would be an inspiration to others who are setting out on the same journey.

Jacqui has battled with her weight for most of her life and after suffering a back injury, was told by her doctor that she needs to either lose weight or purchase a wheel chair. This was a massive wake up call to Jacqui who weighed 150 kg and had 2 beautiful young girls to think about, so, she embarked upon a massive journey to shed as much as possible. Unfortunately her journey was especially difficult as she suffered a massive B12 loss which went undiagnosed and lost most of her vision and the ability to walk, but she fought and fought through and today she walks and her vision has returned. She has lost 100kg and she looks amazing.

This glamour photography session was a celebration of that achievement. Jacqui loves to sing and play guitar so we had to add some guitar images to her session. We also added some boudoir and nude. Jacqui was a total inspiration and a testament to what can be achieved when a person wants something badly enough. We felt very honoured to have been selected as her photographer.

If you would like more information on a photography session with us please contact us on 0402 230 669 or you can download one of our free information booklets from this link. Our booklets will give you all of the information you need to plan your session with help on what to wear, tips, prices and do’s & don’ts.

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Tanya says “F**CK YOU” to Breast Cancer!

Tanya is the second amazing person in our 2018 ‘Inspiration’ series of photographs and she wants to say a big “F**K YOU” to Breast Cancer. We chose Tanya for one of our free sessions to tell her story, which we believed would inspire and give hope to other women going through treatment, so we gifted Tanya a glamour, boudoir and portrait photography session.

Tanya’s story is very similar to Karen’s story in regards to her fight with Breast Cancer and it pulled a few emotional chords with the both of us.

Tanya was diagnosed with cancer of the left breast on July 5th last year, finding also that it had spread to her lymph nodes. She had lumpectomy with axillary lymph node clearance surgery, followed by 4 out of 6 very harsh chemotherapy (CYCLOPHOSPHAMIDE + DOCETAXOL) treatments which were cut short due to severe reactions which almost killed her.

Tanya then had 30 sessions of radiation to her left breast which finished 16th February this year. She lost all of her hair, lashes and eyebrows (photo below during treatment) which are starting to grow back now and she has just started her 10 years of hormone therapy (Tamoxifen) and will continue to have follow up bone, organ and breast scans to check for metastasis.

Tanya wanted to have a session with us so that she could feel beautiful again and push away the stigma of “that lady with cancer” that everyone stares at. She wanted a strong photo shoot to say a big ‘F*** YOU!’ to cancer, and reclaim her life back. We had a wonderful session with Tanya today and we enjoyed chatting to her about her experience and life in general. We feel that we have helped her to see what a beautiful woman she is and we also got some sexy images that we know her husband will love.

If you would like information on a boudoir session with us please call Karen on 0402 230 669 or you can download our free e-book on planning your perfect boudoir photography session  below.

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Free booklet - Planning your perfect Boudoir Photography session.

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City lights glamour photography session with Jenny

Last year Jenny came to us for a nude/boudoir photography session. Jenny is a ballet teacher and we achieved some beautiful images with her showing some stunning poses on pointe.

This time Jenny came to us for a “City lights” glamour photography session. After having her hair and makeup done by one of our fantastic makeup artists, we did a few studio images and then jumped into the car for the short ride from our new studio in Bulimba, to the River Walk at New Farm for some glamour photographs. Jenny had found a wonderful dress especially for the session and it looked sensational against a backdrop of the city and the Story Bridge.

If you would like more information on a photography session with us including a ‘City Lights’ session please contact me on karen@ or on 0402 230 669. You can also use this link.

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Sexy Sunday glamour/boudoir photography session with Sarah Keep

Sarah 1

Sarah Keep (mother of 2) came in for one of our Sexy Sunday days and was over the moon with the results of the shoot. She had no idea she could pull it off so well and has also kindly written a great testimonial for us below.

“Just wanted to say a big thank you!!

The photo’s arrived so beautifully presented. I am extremely pleased with everything and the whole experience from start to end.

I have been an admirer of your work on Facebook for a long time. After watching the youtube videos of others experiences and how comfortable and pleased they were, I noticed the $395 Sexy Sunday package including the photo’s, hair and make-up,

I decided to give it a try for a gift for the hubby’s Birthday, Not really thinking I could pull off Sexy, but hey what could it hurt.

So I arrived with my 2 daughters, with a firm warning to behave (which they did thanks to the adorable puppy Sammie there to amuse them).

I was warmly invited in by Carla and then the Magic began!!!

Most women believe that their wedding day is their one time to really shine, but Carla topped that moment by far with her perfect application of make up and hair styling.

When I looked in the mirror at her work I was so impressed with my reflection! Wow.

I took a deep breath and thought I can do this I can pull off Sexy.

Then it was all up to Dean and Karen to perform the next miracle, Of course after child birth things aren’t as we would like,  But I felt extremely comfortable with the guidance and body placement  and positioning help from Karen and eye for detail from dean it all happened we did it.

Beautiful Sexy pictures were created!! Then the hard part picking the favourite pictures, I honestly didn’t think it would be possible to capture so many great shots! (I am usually the person who ruins the family photo with shut eyes or something).

So after the photos were picked I left feeling very excited and pleased what a buzz. Driving home having a little peek in the rear view mirror every now and again admiring the sexy face in the mirror.

I did it, I was sexy for a day! actually 4 days the lashes and hair stayed in so well. Yay.

I have felt a little sexier ever since.

And I am so pleased that it has been captured in a photo to keep forever to prove that sexy is possible. My husband loves them and have had so many compliments on FB which has been such a confidence booster.

I honestly believe that every women should treat herself to a Sexy Sunday session. What a wonderful experience, I  can’t wait to do it again sometime maybe a couples or family shoot!

So thank you very much for a wonderful and memorable day.

Thank you Carla, Karen and Dean for making it possible.”

Sarah Keep


If you would like to book a ‘Sexy Sunday’ shoot please contact Karen on

You can see more of our portfolio at: and you can contact Karen on 0402 230669

Sarah 2