Couples photography session with Erinlee & Dom

couple-photography-shoot 003

Erinlee & Dom came to us for a romantic and sexy couples photography session. We included a mix of dramatic flash lighting setups and softer natural light setups.

Most couples will include a few images “for her” which are really “for him” and we captured some beautiful images of Erinlee.

Your couples photography session can be sexy, fun, romantic or erotic. It is completely up to your comfort level and what you wish to achieve. We photograph in both natural light and with flash so we can cover both the light style and the dark, dramatic style of image for you. Many couples will have a little of each in their session for a wonderful variety of images. Your couples photography session can be nude, in underwear, fully clothed or a bit of each.  Once again, that is entirely up to you. We will pose and style you to suit your body types so that we achieve the very best image for each of you. We will also be sure to capture some special images of each of you separately.

Here is a link to our gallery page.

If you would like information on a session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

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couple-photography-shoot 009

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Couple photography

couple photography 001

It does not matter if you are 20 or 60yrs of age, or whether you want romantic, sexy, fun or traditional images. We will take the time to find out exactly what style and “feel” you want for your images to give you that amazing experience and special memories to keep forever. We recognise that your time is very valuable and it is often difficult for both partners to take time from home and work so we try to streamline the process and the time that you are here so that you can get back to your busy life asap. We will discuss your ideas and needs on the phone or by email in advance and we encourage you to email us ideas of the type of images you love so that we have a clear vision of your session in advance.

We will go through the gallery of your images right after your session for you to choose your images for editing and processing, and when the package has been finished we will post to your address or you can collect if you prefer. This means you need come to the studio only once and you do not need to return for a viewing session which many other photographers do.

During your couples photography session with us we will capture images of each of you individually and of course, most importantly, both of you as a loving couple. Your photography experience with us can be soft and romantic or it can be hot and sexy. It all comes down to the style of images you want and your personalities.

We will begin your session with a beautiful makeover for the lady and whilst that is happening we will be planning your session and matching your outfits to our sets.  At this time we will also take your guy into our studio for some special images of him and when your hair and makeup is complete we will photograph you for 20 mins and then onto the couple for another hour or so in whichever style you like.

Here is a range of photos from our couple photography folio.

You can find our couple photography gallery here

If you would like further information on a couples photography session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email


couple photography 004

couple photography 005

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Couple shoot with Steph and Byron

Couple shoot

Last year we photographed the lovely Steph Jose in a boudoir pin up/vintage style (click to see that photoshoot) and yesterday Steph returned for a shoot with her partner Byron.

Steph wanted some vintage couple shots, so we did some photos in the studio, and found a local mechanic who had a half built hot rod in his garage, which he kindly allowed us to use for half and hour (thanks Chris, you’re a star).

Here’s a few of the photos we took for Steph and Byron.

If you would like information on a session with us please contact Karen on 0402 230 669 or email on this link.

Couple shoot

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Erotic Couples photography session for Sean & Jay


Today we had a fantastic shoot with Sean and Jay.  Throughout the shoot we had assumed they had known each other for years when in fact they met yesterday for the first time. This is what professional models can do, and they were certainly professional in every way. They make it look so easy and we believe they are a couple. They were wonderful to work with and 2 very nice individuals. We go so many amazing shots in just 4hrs it was hard to narrow them down.

For any inquiries send Karen an email to, or call 0402 230 669 or visit our website at to see more work in our galleries.