Wedding photography session for Steve & Nina.


Last weekend we had the honour of photographing Steve and Nina for Jadore Weddings. We love wedding photography and it is wonderful to work in conjunction with our great friend Rob from Jadore. Steve and Nina were married at Tiffanys Chapel – Weddings at Tiffanys, Maleny. The venue was beautiful and the heavens were smiling on the lucky couple as it had been raining all of the way to the venue and then stopped when we were 20 mins out.

Nina made a stunning bride and together, they were amazing to photograph.

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Wedding photography for Kylie & Ben


Last weekend we were approached by Rob from J’adore Weddings to photograph the special images for Kylie & Ben’s wedding at Summergrove Estate. Rob produces amazing video for weddings and decided that he would like to add stunning still imagery to his service so he asked if we would do that for him. In the past we have not photographed many weddings as we preferred to focus on our studio work but we decided that we would do this for Rob as he has been a great personal friend over the years. Dean has mentored Rob over the past few years and it was wonderful for us to see how he has grown as a photographer and developed such a great business.

We absolutely loved working with Rob and it was amazing to be able to photograph such a beautiful couple. We have decided that will be photographing more weddings for Rob in the future and we will start to offer the service ourselves, we loved it so much.

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